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Easy Bind

Revolutionize UI:

Reactive Two-Way Binding for Effortless & Error-Free Development for Unity!


Imagine a world where every tweak to your game's data instantly and accurately reflects in your UI, and any UI input dynamically updates your game's state without a single line of additional code. Picture a development environment where code completion guides you seamlessly through implementation, eliminating errors and speeding up your workflow. This isn't just a dream scenario; it's the reality that EasyBind offers to Unity developers. Have you ever found yourself tangled in the cumbersome task of manually updating UI elements? Frustrated by the intricate dance of ensuring your game's state and UI are in perfect harmony? EasyBind is here to revolutionize the way you think about and handle UI development in Unity. With its innovative two-way binding system and intuitive UI state listening panel, EasyBind promises to turn your development challenges into a thing of the past. Are you ready to elevate your UI development to new heights of efficiency and accuracy?

Transitioning from the streamlined world of web development, where frameworks like Vue.js offer powerful features such as two-way data binding and centralized state management through tools like Vuex and Pinia, to Unity's environment presented a stark contrast. In Unity, the absence of these conveniences was clear. Every UI development task, whether setting up health bars, configuring settings, or managing team selection, necessitated a manual and repetitive process. We found ourselves constantly crafting events or linking UI components to a manager script. The need for singletons or reliance on PlayerPrefs for data persistence across scenes became a recurring, time-consuming chore—a stark departure from the efficient, reactive workflows we were accustomed to in web development.

Recognizing the gap in Unity's development experience, we embarked on creating a solution that would bring the elegance and simplicity of Vue's data handling to Unity. We developed a tool internally that mimicked the two-way binding and centralized state management we missed, reducing the repetitive tasks that hampered our productivity. This tool evolved into what we now know as EasyBind—a system designed to streamline Unity development by enabling automatic synchronization between UI elements and game data, all while maintaining state continuity across scenes with minimal effort. EasyBind is our way of bringing a piece of the web development efficiency to Unity, offering developers a familiar and powerful mechanism to enhance their workflow and ultimately, the player experience. It's not just a tool; it's a bridge between two worlds, crafted out of necessity and a deep understanding of what developers truly need to be effective and creative.


Unlock Seamless Development with EasyBind: The Ultimate Solution for Unity

EasyBind revolutionizes Unity development by providing a powerful suite of features designed to streamline your workflow, enhance security against cheaters, and offer unprecedented flexibility in managing UI and game data. Here's how EasyBind sets a new standard for Unity development tools:

Centralized Data Management with Reactive Properties

  • Unified Store: Centralize your game data in one accessible location with reactive properties, ensuring instant updates across your UI and game logic without additional code.
  • Two-Way Binding: Simplify data management with built-in two-way binding, allowing changes in your UI to automatically update your game data and vice versa.

Enhanced UI Integration

  • Dynamic UI Components: Bind Unity UI elements directly to your store values with dedicated components for each UI type, ensuring a smooth and intuitive development process.
  • UI State Management: Control the visibility of UI panels with ease. Manage a list of UI states, and use the panel component to show or hide panels based on the game's current state, with options for conditional visibility.

Flexible Data Types and Structures

  • Versatile Data Storage: Store a wide range of data types, including strings, bools, floats, ints, and sprites. Extend functionality further with support for dropdown options and a reactive selected index parameter.
  • Advanced Customization: For developers requiring more complex solutions, EasyBind supports custom objects and lists of custom objects, complete with a selected index parameter for list items.

Easy Integration and Customization

  • Inspector-Friendly: Edit and manage your store data directly in the Unity Inspector, making it accessible for developers of all skill levels.
  • Comprehensive UI Component Support: With components tailored for each Unity UI element, binding data to UI has never been easier.

Intelligent code completion

Type EasyBind.Store.Data. and automatically see your property names, eliminating misspellings and speeding up development.

Advanced Security Features

  • Memory Obfuscation: Protect your game from cheaters with memory obfuscation for strings and integers, significantly increasing the difficulty of data manipulation via memory editors.
  • Tamper Detection: Implement our event and listener component to detect and respond to data tampering, enabling you to take immediate action against cheaters, including blocking or banning them from your game.

EasyBind is not just a tool; it's a game-changer for Unity developers. By combining data management, security, and UI integration into one powerful package, EasyBind offers a streamlined approach to game development that saves time, enhances security, and unlocks new possibilities for creative expression. Whether you're building the next hit game or a small indie project, EasyBind provides the features and flexibility you need to bring your vision to life with confidence.

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